Thursday, November 26, 2009

Local Artist Feature: Circles and Squares

As "Black Friday" looms on the horizon, I wanted to take a minute to remind everyone about the amazing local artists we have here in Asheville. I hope to be able to feature a handful of my favorite crafters between now and the holidays. These are folks who live in our community, support our local economy and enrich the cityscape on a daily basis. While the prospect of standing in line at 4am outside a big box store to get a $99 flat screen for your nearies and dearies might sound appealing... to someone... spending your hard earned cash with local artists who support their families (and our communities) with their craft does double duty. It gets your loved ones super cool, hand made gear that shows you actually thought about them this holiday season while doing something good for the local scene. WooHoo!

I had the pleasure of spending a little time with the Circles and Squares family this past weekend at a small local show. I have been oogling their amazing screen printed tees for months now and, after being in the same room with them for 6 hours and change, I love them even more. Their line is instantly recognizable, featuring hand drawn animals like meerkats and guinea pigs and stylized silhouettes on super soft, American made tees and hoodies. I was lucky enough to score a chocolate hoodie with a sky blue Bush Baby print for Henry (the 6 year old beast) and he has worn it every single day since. It got the seal of "aaaaaaaaaaawesome" when I showed it to him and he forgot to be disappointed that I had the audacity to call a piece of clothing "a present". It was already well loved by the time I snapped some pictures.

Circles and Squares is offering 15% off everything in their Etsy shop through the end of the month (HERE), but they can also be found most days in the portico outside of the Grove Arcade downtown, where they have a much bigger selection. I highly suggest stopping by and paying them a visit. It is always cool to be able to chat with the people who made what you are buying with their own two hands.

So. Tomorrow at the crack of dawn when half the world is standing in the WalMart parking lot showing their holiday spirit by throwing elbows at old ladies to get at the 'door busters'... sleep in. Take a walk downtown and get a cup of coffee at one of our local joints. Swing on by the portico and show our amazing Ashevillian artists and crafters some holiday love.

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