Monday, October 19, 2009

How are YOU Voting? Spookypalooza Open Thread

Stumped for how to vote for your 2009 citizen media favorites? Looking for inspiration?

Find a little here. I (BlogAsheville admin Jennifer S.) posted my own Spookypaloo picks for 2009.

Check them out, share, post your own, comment with suggestions... And don't forget to vote here for your own picks for Asheville's citizen media standouts.

Our 2009 Extrava got a brief mention in the ACT today. Spread the word, we still need sponsors and volunteers... Sponsors (so far, Short Street Cakes, Mountain Xpress, Applied Solutions Group and the Colorful Palate) can post signs/banners, address the crowd, get a logo and free publicity here on BlogAsheville, and receive exposure to leading local bloggers, citizen journalists, social media mavens and an eclectic mix of creative minds across multiple social media platforms.

Sponsors also get to to know they contributed to a 100%-to-charity event that raised $1000 for Asheville homeless services last year.

Want to learn more about Homeward Bound, AHOPE and where our all our money is going? Check out this video made especially for BlogAsheville last year by Wu Media and narrated by our very own Gordon Smith of Scroo Hoo.


martyweil said...

I'm not sure which category, but please consider my main blog: I've worked on ephemera for 5 years. There's a category called "Asheville" that has dozens of local-centric posts, among the 1,200 I've written for the blog.

Or, my love letter to AVL as candidates. A Year in Asheville became a hardcover book earlier this year.

Anyway, I'm all pimped out...thanks.

Andrew Harvel said...

Thanks Jen for getting out A-Hope's msg.