Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall: New Bloggers Welcome!

Craftwork by local artist, Faerie Made

Well, the Fall is upon us, and therefore it is time to welcome a new group of local bloggers. There are some real gems here in the mix. Please check them out and make them feel welcome to the BlogAsheville Community!

Jazz and Poetry
"Feed the Muse"

"Food, Motherhood, and More"

Sanuk D
"I don't know what I'm doing here, I should be someplace else."

The Word Hoarder
"Father, bookseller, gardener, writer, jack-of-many-trades"

Get River Linked
"RiverLink is a regional non-profit spearheading the economic and environmental revitalization of the French Broad River and its tributaries as a place to work, live and play. Since 1987 we have engaged in simultaneous efforts to address water quality concerns throughout the French Broad River basin, expand public opportunities for access and recreation, and spearheaded the economic revitalization of Asheville's dilapidated riverfront district."

Go Graham Go!
"Mom's Take on What Products Work!"

Lover's Loop Retreat

Amateur Style Polymath
"Welcome to your one-stop shop for style musings and news from an average woman. Here, I will attempt to dig out and dust off my inner chic, providing (mostly) budget-conscious tips and opinions on every topic that could benefit from some panache and flair: fashion, beauty, health, food, home, etc. Also, I will try to share as much local style as possible so you can learn about a few of the elegancies of life to be found in Western North Carolina, USA."

Carolyn in Carolina

Famous Amys
"True stories of an Iowa-transplant who is living in the South, raising a sassy toddler, becoming a master homemaker and trying not spill her glass of wine."

Asheville Advocate
"A blog exploring political thought in and about Asheville, NC. Looking to be a pillar of fire seen from the mountaintops."

North Coast Cafe, South


New Bloggers, we look forward to seeing you at the 2009 BlogAsheville Award party: Spookypaloozanany! You can learn more about it here!

Craftwork by local artist, Faerie Made


monicajane said...

can you please tell me the criteria to be listed or direct me to a link. I mentioned my blog in a thread a while back to which a response was made that led me to think I would be included.

I told you that while technically there are two other authors who don't live here I do and I've been the only active author for many months.

I would simply like to know how the consideration was made.


here is a post that proves I'm here from a while back.

Earth Fare inspired soup:

and a fun post of basil that grew here in Asheville in my garden is here:

my photography is on a learning curve...wish I could get it to be much much nicer.

Faerie Made said...

thanks for including my soaps and my lip balm.
now you have inspired me to blog a bit this chilly saturday afternoon

Admin said...

generally folks email us at to get added.

everything for blog asheville is voluntary so the admins don't always get into the threads that often

/hangs head

we'll get you added...

Admin said...


Carolyn G said...

Thanks so much for listing Carolyn in Carolina. I appreciate it.

carrie turner said...

Thanks so much for adding Nina!! I really appreciate it!