Monday, September 28, 2009

TEDxAVL 2010 in the Works, Drew Jones is #4

(TEDxAVL 2009 by Robert Klein)

Regular meetings for the TEDxAVL 2010 event start a week from today.

Join the team behind the scenes of a whole new TEDx experience, this time with a twist: the TEDx team is asking the TED conference for permission to do a same-day event for kids and young people, tentatively titled TEDxAVL Jr.

More about TEDxAVL Jr here, courtesy of the mighty Ashvegas.

Organizers meetings are the first Monday of the month at 6 p.m. Email for more details.

Join the organizers' group here.

And Drew Jones (AKA Enviro-Spouse)? He's just the man behind the #4 most-watched video of ALL uploaded TEDx talks, only *three days* after his video was uploaded to the TEDx YouTube channel. (I just checked his stats, and tomorrow when the rankings are refreshed he'll move to #3.)

The two TEDxAVL videos just uploaded to TEDx last week are now the #1 (Drew) and #2 (highlights) highest rated videos on the TEDx YouTube channel.

Watch Drew here:

Watch the 2009 highlights here:

See you at meetings and at TEDxAVL 2010!

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