Saturday, September 26, 2009

Suggestions for Hidden Fun in Asheville

Help a writer out? Pam Hecht has asked for help from BlogAvl for a story she's writing and I'd love to see. What are the little-known places to visit in Avl this fall?

First suggestion: Christopher Mello's amazing Gnomon garden in West Asheville (Flickr photos from The Zen)

Here's what Pam has to say:

Greetings, wondrous, prolific bloggers out there. I'm a freelance writer (and lazy blogger!) with a question for an assignment I'm working on for the ACT. It's about the top things to do in Asheville in the fall (Oct. /Nov.) and I'm on the hunt for places, events, etc. in Asheville/WNC that that are off-the-beaten-track or new - things that even local folks may not know about. Any suggestions? My deadline is Tuesday, 9/29. (I've come up with a few, but gee, it looks like I have not been getting out enough since moving here two glorious years ago. I vow to check out every place you recommend...within reason!)

Thanks so much for reading this! Pam J. Hecht, pamjh8 at gmail daht cahm,

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