Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tomato Tuesdays at New French Bar

New weekly comedy event in town. From a press release:

Tomato Tuesdays

big HONEY Entertainment brings a community interactive stand-up comedy open mic show to The New French Bar located at 12 Biltmore Avenue at 8pm every Tuesday night.

“Tomato Tuesdays” is not the typical open mic forum. The organizers have created an audience interactive show, which mixes the traditional comedy open mic night with “The Gong Show”.

Every comic is given a certain time frame to perform. Should the comic extend over the allotted time given the audience then has the option to toss a (stuffed) tomato at the gong to get the performer off stage. The lit gong will notify the audience on stage when the time is appropriate. Should an audience member want to gong a comic early they may however, if the comic is gonged early the person who threw the tomato must buy the performer a drink.

Every person who attends will be charged a $3 door cover and in return will receive a basket with three stuffed tomatoes. Tomato Basket Refills are $2 and are available all night.

Come join Asheville’s only comedy open mic and get out of the house for a change! All are welcome to come out and tell a joke or tell several jokes to the fully fruit armed audience. See you at the New French Bar.

big HONEY Entertainment Presents Tomato Tuesdays

Where: The New French Bar

12 Biltmore Ave.

Asheville, NC

(828) 225-6445

When: Every Tuesday night @ 8:00 PM

Cost: $3 Door Cover Charge

Why: We like throwing fruit at comics

Recommended for mature audiences 18+

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