Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Message from Gabriel Shaffer

Reprinted with Permission:

"First, thank you to Bill Thompson for not only pushing Asheville artists to grow creatively, but to also be aware of the mechanics that operate outside of the studio.He has consistently exposed our little city to a much larger picture from the moment he opened his doors. Also, i want to express my sincere gratitude to him, for highlighting us in such a high profile event. I dont know if enough folks are aware of just how important what he did for us was. Thank you to the Mountain Xpress, for letting Asheville know that this event took place, we held our own and drew much interest with some of the best.I would also like to address a few key errors in the article. First, there were some other very talented local artists who exhibited with the Satellite gallery in Miami, that were completely left out of the article.

Ted Harper, had a freakishly beautiful sculpture on display(Which the Miami Herald posted on their website), Sean Pace also had some of his fantastic inventions hanging, Nicole Mcconville had her lovely mixed medias there and Ruth Whiting had some beautiful looking paintings on display.The entire group was a visual knockout.Regarding the Art Basel in Miami. This incredible show, that has its roots in Switzerland, has existed for over 10 years now and has quickly become the biggest and best art show in America. The sheer volume of art,artists, gallery owners and patrons, that flood into Miamis Wynwood district, during basel weekend is staggering.Gen Art, a super classy organization based out of LA and NYC, has sponsored events during Basel for the past 3 years, making an effort to highlight contemporary underground and emerging art and fashion.

Each year their events have become more and more successful and publicized, this year was no exception. I could ramble for days about how happy and proud i am to have not only had the opportunity to show there, but to also have done it with so many peers that i respect and admire, from my hometown. I have the utmost confidence and highest hopes in the future of our cities art scene, to be considered one of the best in the country.

If anyone is interested in seeing more pictures and related info about the event we posted a set on my flickr page here

Sincerely,Gabriel Shaffer

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