Friday, December 26, 2008

The Asheville Mural Project Needs Help!

The Asheville Mural Project ( is in need of some website help.

We would love to have someone join our team who is passionate about our cause, and would like to donate their services to help us make the site user-friendly and interesting, and help us update on a semi-regular basis.

We would like to keep it simple, so we're not asking for anything grand and complicated.

email Lydia @ and/or reply to this post with any offer of Website help or other.


Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

That place is looking great. I am going to send this to for their newsletter coming out in a few days. Maybe it will help.

Lydia said...

Thanks, Ask! much appreciated on both accounts.

Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

Can you get me a quick list of exactly what you are thinking of doing, and then I can approach a few people and get some ideas. Thanks.

Eric Sopp said...

Insidedesign can help! Please call me and we can talk details!

888-812-4727 x719

Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

Have a video up about the project on Hope it helps as well. Look forward to seeing many more pillars like that. Thank you.