Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Asheville Cleaning Help: Hummingbird Housekeeping

Looking for a cleaner, neater, more organized home for the New Year? As everyone knows, the best method to actually achieve this is to pay someone else to do it.

Preferably someone from a local company, so your all dollars stay right here in Asheville, helping our own through some tough times.

Cross-post from the C.A.R.P. Files (program for promoting local business) of Ashvegas, posted after I sent it in:

Julie Adams of Hummingbird Housekeeping in West Asheville offers laundry, chores, cooking help, pet care, plant care and spotless household cleaning. Julie is my friend and housemate, and what she's done to my house since moving in stopped my friends in their tracks to admire how neat, clean and organized my kitchen is (now). My oven looks like I just bought it, inside and out. My whole house is neater and more organized.

Julie genuinely enjoys cleaning and finds it relaxing, which I'm sure is part of the reason she's so good at it.

Discounts are available for seniors and referrals. Excellent references, available on request.

Contact Julie at


Check out the original Ashvegas post for comments about Hummingbird Housekeeping services.

Semi-disclosure: As mentioned above, Julie Adams is my friend and housemate, so I have an indirect interest in the success of her business. That said, I trust her with total access to my own home and can confidently say from experience that she is honest and fair.

And that all my friends really did notice a huge difference in my kitchen after Hurricane Julie struck my house.

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