Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Virtual Ambush 2008: Asheville's Premier Gaming Center

Just got back from a wonderful afternoon at Virtual Ambush, Asheville's Premier Gaming Center. I can't believe I just found out about this place. If you are at all into gaming culture, this is a place you must check out:

"Virtual Ambush is a whole new gaming experience. Located in West Asheville, North Carolina at 339 New Leicester Highway, Suite 110, Virtual Ambush is a gaming lounge featuring 13 Xbox 360s, 2 Xboxes, 2 PS3s, 3 PS2s, 2 Nintendo Wiis, 15 top of the line gaming PCs, and over 230 game titles to choose from! Featuring comfortable couches, high-speed T1 internet (including Wi-Fi) and 19 51" High-Definition TVs... we're what you call a gamer's paradise. We also have a pool table and several board games. Virtual Ambush is what is called a "gaming lounge" because, well... you can come in and game all you want, in a comfortable, social lounge enviroment. You pay for game time either by the hour, or with several of our other pricing options. Virtual Ambush could also be called a "LAN Center." LAN is short for "local area network," meaning that all of our gaming PCs and Xbox 360s are networked directly together, as well as to the internet. This allows you to not only play online against other gamers, but against anyone sitting at another system in Virtual Ambush."

Asheville needed a virtual gaming center like this one! The gaming list they have is intense. It was like ordering off a menu at a restaurant.

You can see Virtual Ambush on Myspace as well as the Virtual Ambush's Homepage for a more thorough detailing of services

At Virtual Ambush Gaming Lounge, we believe that video games are the perfect medium to bring together gamers from all backgrounds in a exciting, safe, and fun enviroment.

We take very seriously that certain video games may not be appropriate for everyone. We require parental consent for minors to play games which are not specified appropriate for their age group by the ESRB. If desired, our computer software will only allow your child to play slated for their age bracket. If you wish to allow your child(ren) to play games outside of their age group, please and come with them inside on their first visit to Virtual Ambush, and fill out our parental consent form. This will kept on file, and will only need to be once.

We also pride ourselves in the fact that our establishment is run under the rules of "No fighting, No cussing, No drugs or tobacco, and No alcohol." We will make every effort to keep Virtual Ambush a family friendly environment.

You can view our detailed pricing chart by clicking here."

In the few hours, I was there, I had a great time.

You can bet I'll be back with more information about Asheville gaming culture and the Taj Mahal, the Mount Rushmore, the Big Ben of Gaming Centers here in Western North Carolina - Virtual Ambush!

Get Thee Hence to Virtual Ambush! This place deserves the Asheville Gaming Community's support.


Edgy Mama said...

I wrote an article about this place three weeks ago:

It's pretty cool if you're into gaming.

Adam said...

No cursing? no drugs? Man, I want to be able to smoke a joint, have a beer, and call you a cocksucker while gaming!

I have the vast majority of that stuff at my house, anyways... Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, Top-of-the-line gaming computer, 42" HDTV...

I'd rather someone pay ME $10/hr. to come experience MY gaming mecca :)

George the Bastard said...

It's a cute idea, I hope it has a longer shelf life than Underworld Games, which I rather enjoyed for a while.