Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adam Leal - Job Seeking

Adam Leal has been living here in Asheville for several years and is a longtime BlogAsheville supporter and occasional Scrutiny Hooligans contributor. Adam's been hunting for a job the last couple of months and is running into nothing but brick walls, so I thought I'd drop his vital statistics here to see if the BlogAsheville community might be able to help.

Adam is a technology superstar with excellent social skills. He's A+ certified and has a long history of sound engineering for bands like Acoustic Syndicate and The Blue Dogs. He's managed small business and therefore has all the experience required for sales, customer service, marketing, shipping, and supervising others.

Homeboy's sent out forty+ resumes and hasn't gotten any nibbles. This guy is an exceptional person, a hard worker, and a phenom when it comes to sound and technology.

Do you have a job for Adam? Do you have any good ideas about where he ought to try? Would you like a look at his resume? If so, leave a comment below or email Adam at adamryanleal AT yahoo SPOT com.


mygothlaundry said...

I can't help Adam, but if we're doing this on BlogAsheville now, put in a word for my friend Jodi Ford, who has been working freelance graphic design while looking for a full time marketing/design type job for three years now.

shadmarsh said...

I can't help either, but I am underemployed and would take any serious offer for gainful/legal employment.

Andrew Harvel said...

Same here. I just moved from Greensboro thinking it can't get any worse - and it hasn't. Problem is it's not really any better.

Good luck Adam.


xty said...

Good Luck Adam. My old job at Jacob Holm as a network admin has not been filled. (two folks have come and gone for assorted reasons, from what I have heard.) I do not know if they have restructured or still want someone, but send a resume to pat period higley at jacob-holm.com
Good pay, laptop, cell phone, and insurance from day one.

leave my name outta it.

xty said...

make it patricia, not pat.