Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sponsorus Maximus

One of our most outstanding sponsors for the big BlogAsheville festivus is Jose Ibarra at Applied Solutions. He got on the bus early, intending just to get us a keg of beer. But it's a few weeks later, and he's put forth so much more in time, effort, and money. Applied Solutions is spending $250 on catering from The Colorful Palate (another fantastic sponsor doing our catering at cost), an untold amount on cups, plates, utensils, and has secured one of our two bands for the Extrava itself.

Give Applied Solutions some love, y'all, 'cause they're definitely giving it to you. From Jose:

Why are we involved

As a tech company we heavily relay on blogs, micro-blogs, and other online resources to get our information. We are very interested in the different types of bloggers in the Asheville community. I don't want to get into specific blogs - but we enjoy many of the local community political blogs, beer blogs, musicians blogs, and some podcasts.

Also, as a business owner I remember how difficult it was to get my name out - I think this as an opportunity for us to help spread the word in the community and online. I currently have a few bloggers assisting me with projects, but I feel that there are other gaps that can be filled within the blogger community.

About Us

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