Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fall 2008: New Bloggers Welcome

Photography by Lydia See, local artist

Well, I said I wasn't going to do it. I said I was too busy. I said there wasn't enough time. But the BlogAsheville inbox has been filled up with bloggy goodness since the last welcome, and I had to do just one more new bloggers welcome and round up.

Food Scout
"Find Health Naturally"

The Adventures of Supermom
"Proud Mommy to a newborn, toddler, 10 year old son and a teenage daughter. Any Questions? Now where is my cape...?"

Vegan Girl

Inner Musings of an Eclectic Pagan

"Just an inside look at my life in the South"

Art Seen Asheville
"A fun new way to think about Art! focused on Asheville but showcasing interesting arty happenings from all over the place."

City Pfarm Girl
"Livin' local and cookin' seasonal, a begining gardeners efforts to turn our city lot into a sustainable urban homestead."

a hill-ish life
"the humorous observations of an L.A. city girl who has just moved to the hills of Asheville, North Carolina with her Hubby, 9-month-old The Boy, and her two hounds"

Yoga Mama Me
"One Woman's Frequently Interrupted Search for Mindfulness in Motherhood

A Husband Wanted
"It takes a village to raise a child... and a city to find a husband"

GPS Tracklog

Charlotte Street Computers

WNC Peace Coalition
""We are a coalition of groups and individuals promoting non-violent solutions to world conflicts."

Ear Pwr

Reduce Footprints
"Easy ways for each of us to reduce our footprint on the earth"

The Klopp Report
"A Real-Time View of the Asheville Real Estate Market"

Crochet Asheville Diva

"Yarny adventures of a pug lover recently relocated to Asheville, NC."

Lydia See
change image change mind change clothes change constant

Art by Lydia See, local artist

Folks, if you are on this list, and are interested in coming to the BlogAsheville Awards 2008 party on September 27, 2008, shoot me an email at blogasheville (at) hotmail (dot) com


Jim Jenkins said...

You just lost my vote for biggest slacker!

Uptown Ruler said...


Gordon Smith said...

Welcome New Bloggahs!

zen said...

Lydia is genius.

Supermom said...

thank you thank you!!!


lydia said...

it's the most flattering when people you hold in high esteem think you're swell too. thanks, zen. and everyone in this community, you guys ROCK!
see you at the slkrejghslerjkghlerkjthapalooza

Will of the Hill said...

how do i get my blog listed? . thanks

Gordon Smith said...


BlogAsheville Admin will get you in the queue.

Kelly said...

it never ceases to amaze me how many asheville bloggers there are! welcome every body!

distinctleigh said...

Thanks so much for including our blog!

--Charlotte Street Computers :-)