Saturday, September 20, 2008

Extravablogisponsor - Short Street Cakes

One of our Extravablogiversapaloozathon sponsors is a twice-nominated blogger. My Life In Cake is nominated for "Best Food" and "Most Likely to Make Money". Jodi bakes the most delicious goodies and is going to rock dessert for the entire party. She writes:

"Short Street Cakes is a local, mama-owned Asheville cakery specializing in lovingly hand-crafted, all-natural, Southern-style cupcakes, celebration cakes and wedding cakes. Short Street Cakes is a proud member of the BlogAsheville community, through owner Jodi Rhoden's love of blogging about her cakey exploits at My Life in Cake. Short Street Cakes supports BlogAsheville and the spirit of art, craft, local economy and community it fosters, and are proud to be providing the cakey goodness for the 3rd annual BlogAsheville Extravablogiverseapaloozathon!"

Blogger hooking it up!



Ursula said...

Yum!!! I can't wait!!!

Short Street Cakes said...

that would be QUADRUPLE nominated, Mister. I think I got the beer one and the happy one too.
yalls is so sweet.

zen said...

Go go Jodi!!

Jennifer Saylor said...

I'd like to nominate Jodi for Blogger Whose Cupcakes I've Heard the Most Amazing Things About.

Can't wait.

Short Street Cakes said...

I was actually thinking about a big tiered cake, and then we can let the all-around best winner cut it. In other news: I'll be relieved when the extrava is over. I think I'm developing an internet addiction.

Anonymous said...

I'm in! Although, warning, I am not able to act responsibly when it comes to Short Street.