Sunday, September 21, 2008

Asheville Chimney Swifts: They're Back

Asheville, look to the skies.

The chimney swifts are back. (This is the Masonic Temple downtown, image from A Year in Asheville.)

I've seen swifts at the Grove Arcade, the middle school on S. French Broad, a building on the corner of Haywood and Ridgelawn in West Asheville, the UNCA quad, downtown Marshall... Once you know where to look, what to look for and the sounds they make as they swirl and fly, swifts are everywhere in autumn.

When you see and hear the birds, there's always a chimney nearby. They swirl home at dusk and with enough birds, it's quite a show.

While talking about swifts one afternoon I met an Israeli woman who said they swirl and fly in Jerusalem, too.

So look to the skies, Asheville. Our old friends are winging by again. And also, check out all the blogs nominated for BlogAsheville awards this year. I'm voting right now and am humbled and delighted at the fascinating things I find.


Susan said...

This is always a treat. Thanks for posting, Jennifer. (I think there used to be a Yahoo group for the chimney swifts. Anybody know?)

Jennifer Saylor said...

Susan, it's still around.