Friday, August 08, 2008

Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance Presents...

Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance to present Hurricane & other forces of nature

On August 7-9, Terpsicorps will present Hurricane & other forces of nature, featuring the Asheville premiere of Maloy’s award winning, “Hurricane.” The piece was created this past April for the 21st Century Choreographic Competition. The idea for “Hurricane” grew out of the climate crisis that is becoming increasingly apparent in today’s world. The choreography embodies the strength, patterns and progression of a hurricane from its beginnings at sea to its aftermath on land, portraying the hurricane itself and the individuals impacted by it. Maloy will be collaborating once again with projection artist G. Craig Hobbs. Footage of actual hurricanes will swirl around the dancers adding to the atmosphere of a storm, with recorded music by Godspeed! You Black Emperor and costumes by Asheville’s premiere fashion designer R. Brooke Priddy.

The program features a variety of works that explore the way man views both nature and technology. Salvatore Aiello’s “Afternoon of a Faun” portrays the mythological faun, the curious, mischievous half man half beast that at one time embodied man’s wonder at the mysteries of nature. The Terpsicorps favorite, “Couch Potatoes” is an absurdly funny poke at the t.v. generation, who on the whole have managed to resist any connection with the natural world.

The show closes with “The Second Line.” Until recently, New Orleans has been known first and foremost for their music. This became second in line to images of a disaster zone after Katrina ravaged the city. The music scene is still strong in New Orleans however, and is at the heart of the reconstruction, the solid constant within a time of disorder. The Second Line is what they call the dancers who follow the musicians in a New Orleans parade. People think of Mardi Gras when they think of these parades, but these celebrations are the same as a traditional New Orleans jazz funeral. Death is considered a beginning not an end, a reason to celebrate. Maloy is using music recorded by a variety of New Orleans musicians who have lived through the disaster and are still fighting the devastating effects that the storm has left on their city. The Terpsicorps dancers not only represent the dancers of the Second Line, but they also embody the tenacity of the people who must face the ’death’ of their city as they once knew it. The work is created as a statement of hope for the future, and like a New Orleans funeral, a celebration of rebirth. In this case, the rebirth is that of mankind’s respect for nature.

Terpsicorps recently lost a dear friend and supporter, artist John Payne, and the work is being dedicated to the joyful, generous and loving spirit of this very talented man.

Hurricane & other forces of nature – August 7-9

All performances will take place at 8:00 p.m. at the Diana Wortham Theater in Asheville, NC. To purchase tickets, call 828-257-4530 or visit For more information on Terpsicorps Theatre of Dance, call 828-252-6342 or visit"

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