Saturday, August 09, 2008

Hello BlogAshevillians!

First I want to thank all the BlogAsheville folks who have been such a great help to the Media Arts Project in the past on such projects as the HATCH Fest and the Ashevillage Building Convergence. You are a wildly motivated group.

The MAP is designing a new website and Media Arts Directory and we’d like your involvement. As our mediascape continues to rapidly change the MAP is striving to keep up with the growing numbers of new media artists. And Blogging has become an integral part of that mediascape. I’d like to invite you to join the MAP list serve and the Media Arts Directory, if you are not already signed up. If you are already in the directory be sure to update your information so that it will be accurate when we launch our new site in January 2009. You can sign up at

I would also like to invite you all to take part in our survey. As a member organization, the MAP only exists because you, as media artists in WNC, have the need for a representative nonprofit. Therefore it is very important that we know what your needs are. It is equally important that you take part in the functioning and direction of the MAP. Over the next few months we will be offering ways for you to get involved and give your input.

As a first step to creating an effective website and directory we have created this survey. It’s a mere 10 questions and should only take a minute to fill out. Here’s the link

Thank you for taking the time get involved,
Gillian Coats
Interim Director

Let's click on over and help the good folks at MAP get this survey kicked off right!

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Gordon Smith said...

Congrats on the HUB grant, Gillian. I'm excited to help energize MAP and meet all the folks involved.