Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free Beer at LAAFF

The Lexington Avenue Arts and Fun Festival is coming on September 7th, and the organizers are seeking very special people to do a very special job:

"That's right, FREE BEER!

The LAAFF organizers need responsible parties (da ta da, "you") to sit for a couple of hours at one of the 3 beer tents and watch over the comings and goings of kegs and money. That means you'll keep track of the kegs and the cash that is collected, but you will NOT be serving beer, just hanging around, which is why you get to drink!!! In return you get FREE BEER! (Plus you get to meet all kinds of kewl people but don't tell anyone)"
"Here are the shifts that we still need to fill:

3:30 - 7:00
7:00 - 10:00"

If you're interested in free beer at LAAFF, you can contact Amy at

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