Friday, July 25, 2008

Asheville Art Show on Boing Boing

Via Boing Boing (which according to Technorati is the#5 blog on the internet), here's a mention of an Asheville art show, "Plug In," at the Wedge Gallery:

Tim sez, "Ruth Whiting show's 'Plug In' is a show oil paintings at the Wedge Gallery in Asheville, NC. Ruth Whiting's paintings create a luscious mythology surrounding the ordinary plugs and cables that connect our technological lives. Liberated from their mundane function and rendered in glowing colors, these every day objects assume an almost sacred quality." Link (Thanks, Tim!)

See also: Oil paintings of giant power-cables

More here. Looks like Whiting is based in Florida.

(Fellow bloggers, see you at the Wedge Brewery tonight...)

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