Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome New Asheville Bloggers

Art by Rebecca Tolk, Photographer

Whew! Things are rocketing along here in Asheville's digital realm, please check out these new folks and their bloggy goodness:
"my day-to-day journal full of boring stuff, half-thoughts and gaseous ramblings."

The Artful Parent
"The Intersection of Art and Parenting"

Asheville GOP Precinct 15
"What's going on with the GOP in West Asheville's Precinct 15."

Unofficially Asheville
"Life and music in Asheville, NC."

Kids Movies, Reviewed for Adults
"Dedicated to the parents and other adults forced to sit through countless hours of children's "entertainment," adults who are crying out for their voices to be heard: Please give us something decent to watch for God's sake! By Coffeezilla"

a mUSE yourself
"everyday ramblings. side walk chatter."

"I pledge allegiance to the earth, and all the life which it supports, one planet, in our care, irreplaceable, with sustenance and respect for all."

Hendersonville Epicurean
"Hendersonville, NC restaurant reviews - keeping it local"

New Artists

J & N Master Carpentry
Historic Restoration

Hazen Hunter Photography
Hazen Hunter Blog

Maw Bear
"Artist: Kimberly Webber Young"
The Daily Growl
"Artist: Kimberly Webber Young's Blog"

Please send us an email if you are a local blogger or artist, and we will get you linked up!

Art by Rebecca Tolk, Photographer


Gordon Smith said...

Attention New BlogAsheville Bloggers!

Please send me an email, so I'll have your email address. I don't send much to this list, but it's key if you're going to know about BlogAsheville events.

scrutinyhooligans AT yahoo Dot Co M

Keri said...

we're new asheville bloggers and we'd love to be linked up... i've sent 2 emails to and so far no response! eagerly awaiting your reply :)

check us out at!