Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mumpower: Bicycle plan is a delusion


shadmarsh said...

If there is something Mad Carl is an expert on it is delusion.

Cecil Bothwell said...

The drug war has existed in something like its present form for a century, with the result that more people use more drugs more often. Mumpower's principle delusion is that doing the same thing for another hundred years will have any different effect.

If he wants our children to be free of the scourges he so rightly decries, he should work toward regulated legalization of drugs. That would make us all safer (and free up a lot of money for bike paths, besides.)

Check out LEAP,, to read about law enforcement professionals who have figured out that prohibition doesn't work.

When was the last time somebody in Asheville was killed in a cigarette turf war?

Bill In Asheville said...

delusion, thy name is mumpower


what a maroon

.. said...

This video is Mumpower speaking against Asheville's bicycle plan.

I'm a bicyclist and I note with interest that Mumpower's Congressional campaign is currently on hold.

Although most of us would certainly welcome Floyd Landis to cycle the streets of Asheville, let's keep the comments here germane to bicycling and to the absurdity of Mumpower's opposition to bike lanes and bike/pedestrian pathways.

Let's build some bike paths and stripe some bike lanes in this era of $4 gas!!!!