Monday, August 06, 2007

Viva Ashvegas

Crossposted from Scrutiny Hooligans:

Yes, I know this is Viva Las Vegas, but Elvis is dead and I couldnt get him to sing Ashvegas.

We'd would like to give shoutout to Ashvegas, who runs what we consider the premier blog on the state of all things Asheville. His coverage of our good town is unparalleled among local bloggers, and we highly recommend his flickr page when looking for pictures of Asheville. From his coverage of Bele Chere this year to things less grand but still part of our town's history, Ash is there to cover it.

From his site:

"Some have called it the Paris of the South. The Sedona of the Southern Highlands. An island in a sea of insanity.

It is what you make it. And almost everyone agrees that it's a great place to live. I hope this little blog can reflect some of what goes on in our little corner of the world."

Ash was a founding member of the Blogasheville community and has been blogging's tireless advocate. With the help of the effervescent Edgy Mama, he started Flasheville, an online writing community dedicated to wringing the written word from local writers. If you are looking for information about happenings in Asheville, your first stop should be Ashvegas.

On the internet, blogs come and go, disappearing into the primal digital ooze. Not Ashvegas. He's the godfather of Asheville bloggers, our "mountain cultural and political superhero."

Paris of the South! Show him some love!


We'll be writing more loveletters to local bloggers on a regular basis in order to give everyone their propers.


Bill In Asheville said...

Not to mention, at the least, that awesome logo/masthead he paid top dollar to commission.

ash said...

thanks sooo much, Uptown! gosh, i dont know what to say, except thank you, thank you. honestly, you and scrutiny hooligans are our inspiration every day. thank you guys for keeping it real here at BA!

ash said...

and thanks for the awesome logo, Bill!

Screwy Hoolie said...


Your blog is consistently on top of one thing or another about the Asheville scene. It really is. Was Uptown's post too much? I hope you don't get the idea that it was ironic or sarcastic (which is the way I read your comment).

Your blog rocks, man. Just sayin'.

Jennifer Saylor said...

No, I don't think Uptown's post read as ironic, because I read Ashvegas, and that blog really IS that good. I knew he was quite serious!

All props to Ashvegas, my first blog of choice to visit whenever I get bored at my desk. And, yes, an outstanding source of local color and Asheville news.

Edgy Mama said...

Yeah, he's serious. He's just feeling all warm and fuzzy and that makes him a mite bit uncomfortable.

BTW, Flasheville's about to go down. Neither of us have had time to keep up with it, plus most of the submissions have been, well, horrendous. So I'm going to let the domain die, unless someone out there is interested in taking over?

Screwy Hoolie said...

The guys over at Not Thomas Wolfe have it blogrolled, maybe they want it?