Monday, July 23, 2007

Village Arts and Crafts Fair, Coming Soon

"On August 4th and 5th New Morning Gallery and Bellagio will sponsor the Village Art and Craft Fair on the grounds of the Cathedral of all Souls in Biltmore Village. In its 35nd year, the VACF continues a long tradition of bringing high-quality crafts to Biltmore Village."


Y'all come if you can, All Souls raises a good bit of money for local non-profits during this festival by selling sandwiches and the like.

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susan Shipman said...

I am trying to locate the pound cake recipe that in the Ashevill-Citizen Times many years ago. It was the pound cake that was sold in the concessions at the Arts and Crafts show. I think the lady's name may have been Noblett? Her husband baked the bread I think.

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