Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chere my Bele?

Okay, I've been neglecting you wunderful Blogashevillians. Hell, I've been neglecting MY bloggie. And my kidlings and plants and closet and toenails (kidding, Screwy, about the kids!).

Uptown, thanks for the reminder about the loverly Arts and Crafts Fair (below), but, come on, aren't we forgetting what comes first? That would be like the bigggest, drunkest street fair in S.E. America.

So, who's going, who's staying home, who's leaving town? We know Asheville blog king Ashvegas will be covering the action like nobody's bizness. Anyone else got plans? I might just throw some photos and drunken observations your way. I'll be there Saturday night for the first time in years. Ash will be the one in the "I heart hot moms" tee, and I'll be the hot mom with the big lens.

Happy Chereing!


Arwen said...

Leaving (we have tix to the Police in Boston).

syntax said...

Looks like Bele Chere's finally going to give local breweries some love this year!

I'll be there Saturday, digital recorder and stealth microphones in tow. We should coordinate some kind of Bele Chere/BlogAsheville meetup - nothing fancy, just a few brews and some laughs.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Mrs. Hoolie and I are off to Chicago for a week and a half of sparkling vaykay. The last three days of it, I'll be at Yearly Kos.

syntax said...

Screwy - I collect snowglobes, and I don't have one from Chicago yet. If you happen to think about it, and if you happen to come across a place that sells cheap plastic crap with the word "CHICAGO" emblazoned on it, I'd appreciate it. :)

Jer said...

We'll be in town Bele Chere weekend for the first time in a few years, so we're doing the Gin Blossoms Friday night and hanging out Saturday.

Syntax: I'm totally up for a blogger meetup on Saturday. Anyone else?

modpez said...

if there is a meet i'll be there. when and where?