Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rising Appalachia Among Us

At LEAF festival a few weeks ago, we stumbled upon a fiddler and banjo player going to town on some terrifyingly good, old tyme, arse-kicking jams. They sat in two old chairs, facing one another, and jammed for what must of been hours, on the hill facing beach. The fiddler player I have seen in Asheville before, but the banjo player...

....I learned later.... was from a group called Rising Appalachia, which we missed sadly, but whose internet presence allows for at least a glimpse of the goddessy goodness that is these sisters.

“we like a good bit of hootenanny and hoedowns that tickle the gizzards way down to their sultry inner depths...little bit of good boot stompin' fiddle banjo/tunes passed down from many a mountain hobo...what tunes we can carry on long journeys we do- and travel frequently in old dusty backpacks and vagabond hammocks, throwing out a hitch hikers glorious mark as often as possible. We came from hip-hop to hick-rock and love every minute of it...” Leah

On a even happier note, it seems that between canvasing the states and europe, they have set up a semi-permanent residency here in West Asheville.

Rising Appalachia on myspace

Rising Appalachia on web

Additionally, they have just released their sophomore effort,Rising Appalachia - Scale Down. You can hear it and purchase it, HERE at CD Baby.


Welcome to Asheville, Ladies!


Edgy Mama said...

I have some nice shots of Rising Appalachia from this past LEAF. I'll post!

Shonnie said...

Rising Appalachia is amazing...beautiful, strong voices and passion for a better world to boot! Thanks for sharing their video and links to myspace.


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