Sunday, June 17, 2007

HATCHfest Coming To Asheville

AC-T: For four days this spring, Asheville could be on the map as the creative capital of the U.S.

The city has landed a new festival that will showcase more than 50 leaders and aspiring newcomers in arts, architecture, film, music, fashion and other creative disciplines.

HATCHfest was born in Bozeman, Mont., growing into a $5 million economic engine for that community in just three years. Asheville has licensed the festival here for 10 years, with seed money from AdvantageWest and others.

"It's a mentoring event that brings together seasoned professionals along with aspiring artists we call Groundbreakers," explained Lesley Groetsch, former manager of The Orange Peel, who has returned from New Orleans to serve as the executive director of the new festival.

What do you all know about this thing? It sounds fascinating, but I also imagine the jetsetters descending on the town like it was a weekend in Antigua.
"But it will take the same kind of commitment as if Asheville and Buncombe County were going for the Olympics. You can't do it on the cheap. It will take high energy and high focus."

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Huw said...

Mm. going to need to update the HatchFest Website... still says it's in Bozeman.

Look all kinds of fabulous tho.