Monday, May 21, 2007

Bloggah Rise Up!

BlogAsheville's Second Annual Extravablogiversapaloozathon, a celebration of all things blogging and all things Asheville, is scheduled to take place on June 16th either at the Asheville Brewing Company or on Hangover Journal's back forty. Last year's event was packed, and dozens of new bloggers have joined the BlogAsheville blogroll since then.

Ash asks the key question, waiting and wondering whether the hidden bloggers among us will rise up, unplug, and party with the BlogAsheville community:

"What does it take to get bloggers to come out from behind their computer screens and meet one another?

We're tried offering free beer. We've tried hiring a live, kick-ass band. We've tried drunken bowling. We've tried hosting a yummy pot-luck dinner.

But each time, only a handful of the same people, who also happen to blog, come out. What's it going to take?"

Soon there will be an expansive Extravablogiversapaloozathon post gracing this page, but this is the brainstorming and puzzlement post. Who would you like to see get from behind their computers and into F2F? What ought we do to maximize turnout and goodtimes? Speak. Rise up, bloggahs. This is our time.


Edgy Mama said...

Hurrah! I already have a sitter. And I'll just be back from the beach--so I'll be tanned and tipsy.

So maybe we send e-mail e-vites to everyone whose addy we have? And encourage them to bring a friend, blogging buddy, or SO?

Or we can offer free drugs and invite Carl.

mygothlaundry said...

One big problem, kids. I CAN'T DO IT ON JUNE 16! That's Gem Fest weekend - I have to work all weekend. The weekend after would be fine though. So, uh - nobody asked me about the date? Or they did and I was too busy moving so I spaced? But anyway, I'd love to have the party, although parking is going to be an issue - but not that weekend. If it's the 16th, I probably can't even come, alas.

dancewater said...

impeachment poll on MSNBC:

Kathryn said...

Oh, crap. Whose bright idea was it to have the party on my dad's birthday? I'm out of town. Again. We have to have these more often, so that maybe one day I'll actually be able to show.