Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pop Quiz

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketFrom the pages of the New Life Journal:

1. Which of the following best describes the climate of North Carolina and Georgia?

(a) Alpine
(b) Temperate
(c) Humid subtropical

2. The average summer morning's relative humidity in Asheville is

(a) 45%
(b) 95%
(c) 67%

3. If you are standing in Western North Carolina holding a compass, where will the needle be pointing?

(a) North
(b) Six degbress west of north
(c) South

4. How high in the sky (in degrees) wil the sun be at your house on the winter solstice?

5. True or False: Carpenter ants and carpenter bees eat wood.

6. What do molds and subterranean termites have in common?

Answers in the comments...


Screwy Hoolie said...


1. (c)
2. (b)
3. (b)
4. 32 degrees at my house
5. False
6. They both thrive in wetness and darkness

John Armor, Esq. said...

Dear Screwy,

Michelle and I are making a trip to Asheville tomorrow and would be honored to get together with y'all for Drinking Liberally, if that is on for tomorrow in light of the bowling on the weekend. (I tried to drop you an e-mail through your own website link, but it wouldn't work for me.)

If DL is on for tomorrow (and if a couple reprobates are welcome), we'd be delighted to be there. Please give us some kind of directions, the cross street with Coxe would be handy.



John Armor

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