Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tarheel Tavern Now Accepting Submissions

Scrutiny Hooligans hosts The Tarheel Tavern, a weekly blog carnival open to sumissions from all North Carolina bloggers, on the Sunday before Valentines Day. In a declaration of vitality and ecstasy, the theme of the Tavern is Utter Transformative Joy. While all submissions will be received like family, take the opportunity to gush your gushiest goodness for our readers all over North Carolina.

This week's Tavern will be a week to get your friends and neighbors involved. Invite new voices and feel free to submit the work of other NC bloggers. I'm ready for a deluge.

This week's Tavern will appear at Scrutiny Hooligans, with a front page link at BlueNC, BlogAsheville, and American Samizdat. Please use this opportunity to spread the word about our amazing NC blogging community.

Send your links to scrutinyhooligans<>yahoo()com - Get it to me by Sunday morning at 7am. The Tavern will go live by sundown.


mygothlaundry said...

Okay, I'm hopelessly confused. WTF is a blog carnival and what exactly do you want from us NC bloggers? A blog post about joy? A new one just for this? One that we post to our blogs and also email to you? Or something completely different that I'm not understanding?

I thought I had had enough coffee so far today but it's possible I haven't - please explain in gentle words of one syllable exactly what you would like in your inbox by Sunday morning - Sunday, February 11, right? (Because I refuse to acknowledge Valentine's day unless I'm doin' me some massacree-ing.) Thanks.

Screwy Hoolie said...


The blog carnival is a chance for folks to send their best work into one place and have it showcased.

The theme is a tool to tie all the posts/entries together. You can submit something you've already written, or you can write something specifically for the Tavern. It's a bit like Drinking Liberally - you can talk politics there, but you definitely don't have to.

Wha-choo-gwine submit?