Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Drinking Liberally: Sharing the Bar

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDrinking Liberally, that weekly abundance of left-leaning political wits, comes together again Thursday night at Asheville Brewing Company, 77 Coxe Ave. in downtown Asheville. From 7-10pm we'll don our beery goggles and make way for the very exciting Democracy For America (DFA) group meeting on the same hallowed ground.

DFA is having a big organizing meeting that you're welcome to attend. From their announcement:
"RETHINK YOUR PRECINCT! Become the spine you want to see in the Democratic Party!
"What's a precinct meeting?
Every two years Democratic activists gather in their neighborhoods to choose their local leadership, select delegates for the county convention, and get a head start on organizing for the next election.

You could say that the precinct meetings are the first step toward turning Buncombe blue in 2008. But in addition, these meetings will determine:
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1) whether progressives can hold a significant voting bloc at the county convention;
2) whether progressive resolutions will become a part of the Party's platform as we move to the county, district, and state conventions;
3) whether we can form a true grassroots movement to get out the vote two years from now.

Drinking Liberally does not endorse any particular political party or issues. We're a simple drinking group with a passion for politics, and we're overjoyed to share the bar with a highly motivated bunch of do-gooders.

See you there.

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