Sunday, September 24, 2006

Imperial release

It was the beer event of the year in Ashvegas and no, it wasn't the Brewgrass Festival. It was Sunday's sale of an extremely limited number of bottles of beer produced by Highland Brewing Co.
Highland brewed the beer to say farewell to its revered beer-making operation on Biltmore Avenue, a location that seemed to imbue the beer brewed there with magical qualities. OK, that's over the top, but Highland holds a special place in our heart because the brewery and its owner, Oscar Wong, have put Ashvegas on the map when it comes to hand-crafted beer.

So on a gray and rainy Sunday morning, 300 to 400 people stood in line shortly before noon at Highland's warehouse and brewing location in east Ashvegas. A feeling of tired excitement (tired because most folks had been partying at Brewgrass all day Saturday) filled the air as people clutched the $60 they prepard to hand over for the drink.

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