Sunday, September 24, 2006

Asheville by the Numbers

Miles of sidewalk the City of Asheville is responsible for: 133

Miles of street the City of Asheville is responsible for: 385

Miles of lines in the City of Asheville's water system: 1,400

Number of building permit applications processed by Asheville in 2005: 2,189

Number of emergency medical or fire service calls responded to in 2005: 14,000

Number of trash containers the city emptied every week: 28,814

Number of City of Asheville water customers: 50,000

Asheville's nighttime population (the number of people who live inside the city limits): 68,889* [2000 census data]

Number of calls for police service responded to in 2005: 100,000

Asheville's daytime population (the number of people in the city during the day for work, recreation, shopping, access to services, etc.): 102,472


mygothlaundry said...

So basically, everyone in Asheville called the police at least once in 2005? And 31,111 more people - who don't even live in the city - called the cops as well?

Dag. Something about that just isn't working for me. I think I got through 2005 without calling the cops even once.

Kathryn said...

I called them twice, so I think I used your time.