Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Rebelles Revival: Nothing is Sacred

The Rebelles Burlesque announces their 5th original production.

Fridays and Saturdays AUGUST 4TH, 5TH, 11TH, AND 12TH
9pm $25

Tickets will go on sale July 19th, ticket brokers
• Wink in Biltmore Village 277-4070
• Harvest Records – Haywood rd
• Outspoken CafĂ©_ Haywood Rd
• Static Age Records _- Lexington Ave

You are invited to join The Rebelles as they explore the cross-pollination of politics, religion, and sex. The adventures of the G-Spot Liberation Army will leave you contemplating more than your navel.

The Rebelles 5th original production, The Rebelles Revival: Nothing is Sacred, completes the trilogy of the Rebelles and the G. Double Oh Sexy starts having visions during her “private time” inspiring her to spread the word of the “G” across the land. The G spot liberation army embarks on a revolutionary revival tour spreading the gospel of the G and performing “good deeds”. G.O.D.TV evangelists Jim Half Baker and Tammy Fayker doubt the Rebelles’ good deeds and are determined to expose them as a cult. Double Oh’s visions are earthshaking. It’s the “O” felt all over the world. In the end, in our deepest darkest moments we all need something in common to believe in- the highest pursuit, the pursuit of pleasure. The house band the Pheromones join the Rebelles in this multi-media feel good extravaganza of the summer.

In these tough times, there is nothing more soothing to the soul than laughter and a little good old-fashioned fun and bad behavior. This sexy, light-hearted romp will revive your spirit and your libido. You’ll be converted, convinced, that sometimes, for a good cause, wrongdoing may be virtuous.

“Sex, music and laughs. What more do you want out of life?” Reginold St. Whitbouy


Irreverent, yes. Funny, absolutely. Get your behind to the show!

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Screwy Hoolie said...

GREAT show. Go see it.