Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Incredibly Cool Volunteer Opportunities!

Do you know about the Colburn Earth Science Museum? Do you know how totally cool and fantastic and groovy it is, hiding away on the bottom floor of Pack Place with its sweet collection of minerals and gems and rocks and even a MINE you can go through after pushing a detonator that makes a most satisfying explosion noise AND causes a highly WNC accented dude to say FIRE IN THE HOLE?!?! I mean, this place is awesome. This place is a magnet for kids of all ages and the admission is cheap ($4 for adults, $3 for kids, I mean cheap, and if that's still too much, it's free like all of Pack Place from 3-5 on the first Wednesday of each month) and this place NEEDS YOU.

The Colburn needs everything, more or less: money & stuff & seriously, volunteers on a fairly desperate basis, particularly Tuesdays through Fridays to sit at the front desk, greet visitors, answer phones and, you know, whatever comes up. The people are really nice; the kids who come in LOVE this museum and their enthusiasm is contagious. Did I mention the mine? And the rocks? And the fact that Mr. Phil, the tame geologist, will identify rocks you bring with you on Wednesdays? Or pretty much anytime, for that matter.

If volunteering on a regular basis is too scheduled for you (like it is for me) than consider this idea: the Colburn is looking for people to volunteer AT the Biltmore Estate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through September and October. Volunteers will be helping kids pan for gold and minerals - big fun! - and to sweeten the deal not only will you be admitted free to the Biltmore that day but you will also receive 2 free passes that you can use any time for the next year. Two free passes to the Biltmore, people, that's serious value! Call the Colburn for more information at 254-7162 or email: infoATcolburnmuseumDOTorg.

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Edgy Mama said...

Thanks for the information, Fliss! We're big Colburn fans. Their kids' camp is awesome!