Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hot Movies in Hot Ashvegas

Since no one's posted in forevah, I decided to throw a little something up here.

There are at least two movies filming around town this week. One, Asheville the Movie, I've written about before on BA and EM.

But now I have even more deep, dark, secretive information about the movie. Because I spent yesterday working out some ancient shoe leather while acting in the film. Yep, I, Edgy Mama, will be the hostess/waitress in a scene in Asheville the Movie! Another reason for y'all to go see the film--which may come out next summer? I'll keep you informed.

Anyway, it was damn hard work, but interesting. We filmed at Table Restaurant (thanks, Jacob and Alicia!). It was hot (the a/c interfered with the sound), tedious, and fun--all at the same time!

I've worked production before, but I hadn't realized how exhausting it is to act--to be on call for 12 hours, to repeat yourself five hundred times, to be expressive on command. Damn, my respect for film actors has risen a hundredfold.

ATM has only three or four more days of filming and then goes into editing--hopefully in time to get a short to the Sundance Festival. I'll keep y'all apprised of the film's progress. The final cut is going to be hilarious, moving, edgy, and a paean to the Asheville--in all her guises.

I hear that A Dance for Bethany is also filming around town. According to Ash, they were in my hood, filming a wedding scene at Grace Episcopal Church, a couple of days ago, and looking for extras. Did anyone go? Any further information on that film?

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Edgy Mama said...

Just realized that Ash posted about Bethany below. For some reason, BA hasn't been updating for me unless I force it to. What's up with that?