Thursday, August 10, 2006

Drinking Liberally: Nedrenaline or Liebermania?

When Ned Lamont, a politically inexperienced communications mogul, chose to run against Joe Lieberman for the Democratic Senate seat in Connecticut, no one except a few prescient bloggers gave him a chance. Lamont was outspent by Lieberman 2-1. He was outgunned on endorsements as Joe brought Bill Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and NARAL while Lamont was teaming with Maxine Waters, Jesse Jackson, and the Reverend Al.

In his non-concession speech, Joe Lieberman announced what everyone already knew - that he was jumping out of the Democratic party to run for the seat anyway. He wasn't going to let losing keep him from running some more. Branding himself as an "independent Democrat" under the clumsily named "Connecticut for Lieberman" party, Joementum isn't slowing.

At the end of his acceptance speech, Ned Lamont said, "I'm buying drinks for everybody". Let's hope Ned makes it down to the Asheville Brewing Company tonight, because I want my beer.

It's time again for Drinking Liberally, that weekly gathering of Lamont Liberals, Liebercrats, and every progressive in between. This week lwe'll dissect the Connecticut primary: Is Lieberman tearing the party apart? Is Lamont tearing the party apart? Is Screwy Hoolie watching too much Fox News? Is there anything being torn apart at all, or is this a beautiful evolution from the Bush era to an era of progressive and liberal politics dawning on the Capitol Steps? Will Lieberman pull enough Republican votes to win the race and keep his seat? How can Lamont battle big Joe?

That's a lot of wondering, and me here without a frosty one. Come on out to Drinking Liberally. We're at the Asheville Brewing Company, 77 Coxe Avenue, every Thursday from 7-10pm. Everyone's welcome, so bring your friends, and tell that Lamont guy he owes me a frickin' beer.

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