Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Affordable Housing In Asheville

Sent in by BlogAsheville ally, Mtn Style:

The need for affordable housing is a growing topic of conversation these days. Poor planning and lack of foresight eventually catch up with growing communities, leaving a gap in availability of homes and apartments the working class can settle into.

Some businesses in town have the vision to meet the needs of those individuals trying to make a living and raise a family on a limited income and Mountain Housing Opportunities is one of those.

These folks see the need for downtown and affordable living and act on it. Federal grants and incentives allow them to build quality housing at an affordable price while keeping in mind that it’s not just a roof over your head that makes it home but the amenities we take for granted. Elevators, community centers, and rec-rooms, as well as laundry facilities, cable, and access to public transportation are things some of us relate to a motel. But for those without expendable income these things are a luxury.

I am currently working on a project called The Griffin Apartments on Grove St. with pride and a sense of accomplishment. The look on the faces of the folks inquiring about the application process tells a story of longing for a better place to live and a chance at a new beginning. These folks are hard working and family oriented who are tired of being taken advantage of by shifty landlords and overpriced shanties. The Griffin will offer them a safe and inexpensive escape from the daily grind and with little touches by M/H/O they will feel at home.

This may be a perfect opportunity for some of the “Starving Artists” of the community as well.

Some of the other projects coming up include Crowell Park which is 90,000 sq/ft of apartments off of Smokey Park Highway. This sight is designed around the huge old white pines.

The Glen Rock Hotel on Depot St., which will include a restoration of the old hotel including artists studios and restaraunts and a new 150,000 sq/ft building containing 2 floors of retail, parking, residential rentals, artist studios and affordable condos. All right at the river’s edge.

This is just one company’s ideas and visions for the housing needs and desires of the community, and I urge you to be active and participate in any and all opportunities to see projects like this succeed in our area.

We all need a place to call home and the amenities to live and strive as a community. With vision, conservation, and a little creative planning we can help to preserve the way of life we enjoy and grow as a culture.


lollipop123455 said...

yes as a workin single mother with no car, i was happy to hear of the griffin and how it was built. well when i applied i didnt qualify because i didnt make enough and i was hopin not to go through housing... shouldn't i, if anyone deserve a nice place for my daughter to grow up? guess you made yourself feel good, but how about the people that really try and deserve it? i think you need to try harder to make the world a better place-frustrated mother

Sherri said...

I am an artist on limited income and would love to live near Asheville but the houses are so expensive that we could sell our nice home and only be able to afford a small cheap home in return there. Sad but true.