Wednesday, July 12, 2006

No down side to the new location of Drinking Liberally.

I would like to state, for the record: The new location of the local Drinking Liberally meetings is awesome!

Now I admit, when the decision was made to switch from the bar "Jack of the Wood" to "Asheville Brewing Company", I was nervous.

I had grown accustomed to being treated rudely by the staff for not drinking until I ran up a $300 tab like the tourists do. I had grown accustomed to cramped little tables and over-priced food.

Well boy-howdy, was I wrong!

There is no down-side to the Asheville Brewing Company! The staff is polite and attentive, the beer is good, there is plenty of room on the patio to mingle, they have a "ladder golf" game, they have live entertainment that doesn't down out conversation, Wi-Fi access, an X-box to play video games, and a HDTV WHERE THEY LET US CHANGE CHANNELS TO WATCH CSPAN!

Let me repeat that last part:

A HDTV where they let us change channels to watch CSPAN!

Do you have any idea how rare that is outside of Washington DC? What more could a political wonk want?

Heck, the place is even right next to the bus terminal. With the new late-night bus-routes, you can drink all you want and still get home safely!

This week, the two guys who normally organize Drinking Liberally are out on vacation. So I'm going to promote this weeks gathering.

Come to Drinking Liberally at the Asheville Brewing Company at 77 Coxe Avenue in downtown Asheville on Thursday. We'll be there from 7 to at least 10pm. Lots of fun for everyone.

Did I mention they let you watch CPAN on the HDTV?

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