Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Vote Today

Van Duncan and Walt Robertson square off today in a race wholly unlikely to excite the masses. It's the Democratic Party's runoff to choose a candidate for Sheriff.


Whoever wins todays vote will be up against the meanest, shortest, nastiest Buncombe County good ol' boy, Bobby Medford. If you haven't ever seen Sheriff Medford, it's probably because the half-dozen goons he keeps around him as bodyguards are all a foot taller than the Sheriff.

If you ask this handicapper, this race comes down to race. Both candidates appear qualified and have similar agenda, but one candidate is white and one is black. If the stereotypes hold true, then the city of Asheville will go with Walt Robertson while everywhere outside the city limits will go with Van Duncan.

This election is unique in that you may never have your vote mean so much in a countywide race. With voter turnout expected in the triple digits, your vote will carry a lot more weight than usual.

Ashvegas wrote a commentary on the race here.

Go vote! I know you don't really give a damn, but it's your right, responsibility, duty, and honor to vote. You celebrated Memorial Day yesterday, and just what do you think all those soldiers were dying for?

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