Monday, May 29, 2006

Tourist time

So I was over at Edgy Mama, where she was rambling on about her influences or some such high-mindedness, when I saw that someone calling themselves "Asheville pubcrawler" had commented.

I followed the guy's link to his blog, an Urban Trail blog designed to be a meeting place for trail guides. Here's what pubcrawler says:

"I was thinking that we could use this blog to record the goings-on of our tours. It would be interesting to have a written account from each guide: the number of people on the tours, what the weather was like, any zany details, like maybe the guy that mooned you on the corner, any problems you ran into. They can be as detailed or succinct as you like; just keep us all up to date!"

And guess what - I just happened to take a pic of some of the seething tourist mass on the trail.


Asheville_Pubcrawler said...

Thanks for the plug, Ash. Actually, the quote is from KMacAttack but it sums things up well. Now, if we could just get our fifty or so guides to contribute to the blog following their tours.

Screwy Hoolie said...


the astute asheville pubcrawler is also a Drinking Liberally regular.

ash said...


Edgy Mama said...

o, get over yourself, AV. You know you love my rambles. And my high-mindedness.

Guess I need to try to make more than one DL a quarter.