Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mountain laurel Flame Azalea

I've been told this type of mountain laurel is a rare variety that only grows at a certain elevation along the Blue Ridge Mountains. I would appreciate help in identifying the variety of mountain laurel represented in this photo.

More photos here.


syntax said...

Kalmia carolina, maybe?

1000 black lines said...

that's what i thought too. but i couldn't locate info on an orange variety.

modpez said...

i think the old timers call (any) mnt laurel mnt ivy? or maybe i'm disremembering.

Phidoux said...

Actually that isn't laurel - it's called flame azalea and you're right it is pretty rare. The color cannot be duplicated in modern, hardy azalea. It isn't very hardy and is prone to disease - when it's gone - it's gone! We used to have a couple of them at our old house on Riceville Road.


zen said...

Yep, Flame Azalea Rhododendron calendulaceum from this and the other pix, and a bit rare but not honestly endangered or threatened by any means. Travel now to a few weeks along the Blue Ridge Parkway and you'll see a bunch tucked in the rich woods. When the blossoms start to fall off it looks like a tree with hundreds of tiny plucked chickens.

Good shots of it!

1000 black lines said...

Thanks Phidoux and Zen.

I knew someone in the Asheville area could help me identify this beautiful discovery.