Friday, May 12, 2006

How soon should I start wearing an aluminum hat?

In the on-going competition for our business, the North Asheville Ingles now has high-speed, broadband internet service. You can sit at one of the tiny Starbucks tables, your back to the cereal aisle, imbibe over-priced caffeine, blog, and watch the parade of MILFs herding raucous kids and high-minded liberals buying organic produce. Viva la Internet age!


syntax said...

wow. i had no idea they sold organic produce @ ingles.

funny language tidbit: we all know that the spanish word for english is "ingl├ęs". note the accent, though, because without it the word becomes "ingles", which is spanish for "crotches".

ahh, the useless crap you learn in college. :)

Edgy Mama said...

o yes, lots of organic produce and an organic section on every aisle at the Merrimon Ingles. they're no dummies--they have Fresh Market, Greenlife, and Earth Fare competing for our grocery dollars!

YaYa3 said...

"MILFs herding raucous kids..."?

You've been surfing the porn sites WAY too much, my friend.