Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wal-Mart update

Crossposted from Ashvegas:

WLOSers had a report about Wal-Mart officials asking if they can be taken off the agenda for the Tuesday meeting of Ashvegas City Council. They said they want more time to work with the community, perhaps because of the stink Asheville School was making a couple of weeks ago.

City Council is set to decide whether to allow Wal-Mart to build a supercenter off Smoky Park Highway in West Asheville next to the Lowe's. Council will have to decide Tuesday whether to postpone the vote, or move ahead.

What's interesting is that residents in the neighborhood have met the requirements for a city protest petition - at least 20 percent of residents have signed a petition against Wal-Mart and that petition has been validated.

That petition triggers a requirement for City Council to have at least six of the seven members voting in favor of the proposed development for it to move forward. So, are there six votes?

Ashvegas doesn't think so.

You can probably count Jan Davis, Carl Mumpower and Mayor Terry Bellamy voting for it. But where does Holly Jones come down? And how about Robin Cape and West Ashvegas crybaby Bryan Freeborn? What about Brownie Newman? These four claim to be real progressives. Would they find reason to vote against the development, even though the location seems perfectly suited for the WallyWorld store?

Ashvegas doesn't see six votes. Sorry, Wal-Mart.


Screwy Hoolie said...

Wow, I had no idea about the 20% triggering the 6/7ths requirement.

Freeborn has to vote against it, or they'll stop smiling at him so much at the Westville Pub.

Cape, Jones, and Newman can sit down over coffee and decide how to play their cards...

MtnStyle said...

Ash, Up here in Weaverville, durring the public hearing where the BOA approved the mall, when asked if a Wal-Mart will be there, the developer balked and said he did not know yet.

Brainshrub said...

I trust the City Council to do the right thing and fight this Wal-Mart to the end.

West Asheville has done perfectly well without a wallyworld, and to have one up the street would harm the local economy.