Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Go Take The Poll

The Hendersonville Times-News is running a poll (scroll down - poll on right sidebar) asking who you support in the NC-11 Congressional race. They spelled Schuler's [sic] and Tayor's [sic] names wrong, and they didn't include Armor or Morgan. Don't let that stop you though.


UPDATE: The HT-N pulled the poll. I don't know if they normally pull it at this time of night, if they noticed the websurge from our site (along with others'), or if they just couldn't stand to see Charles Taylor go out like that. I checked the poll at 7:21 pm and it had Shuler - 53.2% v. Taylor - 41%.


syntax said...

hmm... as of 2:38 pm:

heath "schuler": 48.6%
charles "pork chop" taylor: 43.2%
not a local voter: 8.2%

number of votes cast: 498


Edgy Mama said...

the poll I just found was about wireless internet service...damn.

Susan said...

Yeah, I only caught the wifi post, too, EM. At least some folks were able to make their voices heard.