Saturday, March 11, 2006

See You At The Rally!

It's the day of the big rally! Following his prayer breakfast with Congressman Charles Taylor, Dr. J. Wendell Runion will lead the...

" SUPPORT of CHRISTIAN and CONSERVATIVE BUSINESSES and their RIGHT TO OPERATE according to FAMILY VALUES, SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE (between one man and one woman), WHOLESOME WORK ENVIRONMENT (without oppression from the Sodomites & Liberal Media)"...

at Pack Square at 11 a.m. In an interview with a very special Hooligan, Dr. Runion estimated "hundreds, maybe thousands" would attend the rally.

BlogAsheville can keep you abreast of all the homobashing, church & state incest, and Bible Truth, but you'd be better off coming down and seeing the sights for yourselves.

Some tidbits: The Asheville Citizen-Times will interview Taylor this morning, in part about the Rally. Brainshrub has plans to get a photo of Taylor and Runion together at the Prayer Breakfast. syntax, too, plans to attend the breakfast. Yours truly will be at the rally, digicam and laptop in hand(s), to give you the play by play. Other stars of the bloggerati will be there too, bearing witness on the front lines of the culture war.

POSTSCRIPT: The Asheville Citizen-Times offers up:

(1) An editorial apologizing for allowing the Rally Organizers to use the word 'sodomite' in their advertisement, "In allowing the use of the word “sodomites,” we allowed an entire group of people to be referred to with disrespect and contempt."

(2) A gaggle of Letters to the Editor regarding the Rally.


varney said...

Thanks for all the posts re the rally, but right now I'm just testing my ability to log in to Blogger, which hasn't been working for me.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Welcome to the conversation, varney.