Thursday, February 02, 2006

In FEC Report: Shuler Shellacking Taylor

{reposted from Scrutiny Hooligans}

Scrutiny Hooligans have the numbers from the Heath Shuler - Charles Taylor race in North Carolina's eleventh district.

Covering Period 10/01/2005 Through 12/31/2005

Rep. Charles Taylor

Net Contributions: 187864.61
Net Operating Expenditures: 29360.65
CASH ON HAND: 18724.57

Heath Shuler

Net Contributions: 174830.40
Net Operating Expenditures: 70801.20
CASH ON HAND: 352986.42

Taylor's contributions for this reporting period were eaten up by debt repayment, while Shuler has built an incredible bankroll. Scrutiny Hooligans are still examining the FEC documents.

Taylor's Disclosure

Shuler's Disclosure

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