Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bluegrass, First Class

There's a great bluegrass lineup at the Crowne Plaza hotel in West Ashvegas this weekend. Check it out if you can. This is Seldom Scene, a wonderful ensemble of pickers. These guys can really sing; what a sweet harmony.


syntax said...

wow... are there any original members left? i know john duffey died about ten years ago or so, and mike auldridge (quite possibly the best dobro player to ever walk the earth) left the band around the same time.

if you can find a copy, "live at the cellar door" is one of the best bluegrass albums ever made.

(yeah, i'm full of surprises...)

ash said...

cool. thanks for the tip, syntax.

kip said...

Ben Eldridge is an original member and Lou Reid was a member several years ago and has returned to the lineup. Both Dudley and Ronnie have played in the band before John Duffey passed away. Duffey once said that the lineup (with Fred, Dudley, Ronnie, Ben, and jhimself) was the best lineup the Scene ever had.

They retain the spirit and still have many of the sound elements from the original Scene, but have maintained a cutting edge to still be considered innovaters and creative forces in bluegrass while NOT ditching the band's routes and early excitement.