Wednesday, November 30, 2005

new music from modpez & syntax available on epicaricacy!

epicaricacy is a non-profit, asheville-based netlabel run by artists for artists, specializing in experimental music ranging from electronica, electro-acoustic, turntablism, ambient, noise, and anything in between. working in conjunction with the internet archive, we are dedicated to offering quality music that doesn't necessarily fit into any niche - or, for that matter, any radio format - free of charge. all artists retain all rights to their own music, and are encouraged to physically distribute these recordings as they see fit. and, most importantly, anyone is welcome to create derivative works using anything available on epicaricacy as raw material, as long as it is done on a non-commercial basis and credit is given where it is due. (who knows - if we like it enough we may ask if we could release it!)

the actual epicaricacy website is still under construction, but our entire catalog is available for free download here.

what we have so far:
1) the former yugoslavia, "discard (expanded edition)": ambient music that strikes a balance between organic and isolationist, now a 2-cd set that also includes a remix of "discard" elements and a live recording from 2003.

2) dminja - gesundheit (2002: the menace of innocence): downtempo groove meets avant-garde; one of our favorite dj mix albums of all time.

3) modern peasant, "silk rope": beautiful soundtracks to films that haven't been made yet.

4) modern peasant, "hit and run": seventeen tracks of eclectic, sometimes angular and random electric/electronic/acoustic experimentation.

5) the syntax of things, "run rotunda": a 35-minute ambient/noise piece dedicated to the genius and tenacity of composer/producer jim steinman. difficult but worthwhile listening.

if you're a musician that specializes in the experimental, esoteric, and left-of-center and you think your work might be a good fit for epicaricacy, feel free to contact e. estlin @ at


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