Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Feral Chihuahuas

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Feral Chihuahuas present Kwanz-mas-chuka telethon for needy children!

Kumquat: Sketch Comedy Extravaganza!

Okay. So I lied, we're not really raising $ for needy children. But we are having our last show of our season in the shed and we are always taking donations. We will use those donations and the next month to prepare for the FRINGE FESTIVAL. We will update you as to when and where that will be for us.

But for now come see the last FREE show in the shed.

Oh and we will be featuring some fun acts in addition to us. Our regular patron Karl Strayhorn will be Juggling! And all the way from Greenville, SC we will have the band Aubergine playing in the basement! They are self-described indie rockish. So come a little early to see them!

As always, the show is on Friday at 8pm and 9pm.
If you've never been to our Woodfin house and are in need of directions, call us at:
Or you could just email us here.
As per our usual schtick, we will party afterward. So, BYOB!

Thank you all for enjoying it and making the shed possible.
The Feral Chihuahuas.

This troupe has been making well-rehearsed, well-timed, terribly professional and terrifically funny sketch comedy for years. DEMRadio has partnered with the Chihuahuas for our upcoming radio show on 880AM, and I want all of you to get to know them too.

Come out to the shed in Woodfin. No, there'll be no diaper wearing sheriffs or crab walking gimp incest children. It really is free, and you really ought to bring your drink of choice. The same show is performed at 8pm and at 9pm. Please, please come out and support this hard working band performing the best sketch comedy I've had the pleasure of seeing anywhere.

Email me at scrutinyhooligans@yahoo.com for directions, or just call Little Billy Jongerson at 253-8019.

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Edgy Mama said...

Sounds like fun, Screwy. My book club Christmas party is Friday night. Otherwise, I would be there. Damn. Who wouldn't want to spend the evening with Feral Chihauhuas and beer?