Thursday, October 27, 2005

Twas The Night Before All Guzzler's...

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We arrived just in time for squash soup and salad, French baguette, wine, and ghost shaped tortilla chips with cheese dip. The ambiance was candlelight and festive Halloween decor. All of the guests gathered in the dining room for a lovely meal. We chatted about work, bars and redneck jokes - somehow the topics all weaved together and bounced around, until Bee showed us all his belly button, which spawned a whole new topic of conversation.

Poor Jackson spent a miserable hour in a back bedroom on account of Bee's terror of excitable doggies.

Uptown, Bee and I ate and sat for a bit, but then we had to go . Though, we had a wonderful time. Little Bee was sleepy and the party was only just about to begin...the story of a new parent's life. We said our farewell to those at the dinner - who should still be chatting, drinking wine and carving pumpkins at this oh-so-late-hour of almost ten.

Thank you for the invitation, Felicity. The food was out of this world delicious. Hopefully we'll see you out on the town tomorrow night!

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